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The Excelerate French program is brain-friendly, effective, and easy to use. Join the students in our dynamic lesson videos on a journey through realistic (and oh-so humorous) scenarios and pick up French language quickly and easily! Each lesson begins with an introduction of the new vocabulary and structures.  You’ll see the words as they are listed on the whiteboard, hear their pronunciation, and model a gesture for each word or phrase.  This gesturing, also known as Total Physical Response (TPR) is an important element of the Excelerate FRENCH program.  Studies in brain functionality and linguistics show that TPR facilitates foreign language acquisition for all age groups.  TPR activates various motor cortices of the brain, making it easier to learn French than you’d ever thought possible!

Throughout this introductory phase, words and structures are combined in novel ways and practiced with gestures.  Whenever possible, previously taught vocabulary is also inserted as review.  By presenting words to you in context rather than in isolation, you’ll quickly develop a “feel” for the patterns and flow of the French language.  An intuitive understanding of the rules of language always precedes formal language study as we learn our first language.  Excelerate FRENCH logically employs this natural sequencing as well.

Note that during the initial period, you won’t ever feel pressured to speak.  You see, forcing early production provokes anxiety, which hinders language acquisition.  Instead, you’ll be encouraged to speak as you feel motivated or when you have something to communicate.

Following the introduction of the new vocabulary, you’ll hear the words and structures again, this time in the context of a series of actions.  Embedding the material in action sequences provides not only additional practice opportunities, but also a rich context aiding the brain as it processes and stores information into memory.  You’ll see the entire sequence enacted, then you’ll have the opportunity to use gestures to “act it out” on your own.  This process works so well that students often remember the associations long afterwards.

Simple questions based on the action series serve a dual purpose.  The questions offer additional exposure to and practice with the new vocabulary; they also help you to assess your comprehension and provide valuable confirmation of your grasp of the material.  Each confirmation delivers a boost to your level of confidence, which in turn increases morale and motivation.  On those occasions when you feel unsure about anything you’ve heard, you may simply rewind that portion and watch the appropriate part as needed.  With Excelerate FRENCH, it is easy for you to work at your pace!

In addition, each lesson includes a clever skit also featuring the lesson themes and vocabulary.  The skits are carefully crafted to surprise you with funny, zany, or touching story elements.  Tapping into your natural emotional responses to stories does far more than you might expect- it actually turns on the “limbic system,” yet another part of the brain, accelerating you along the road to fluency and improving your retention to boot.

For practice and review, try the free activities on the Quizlet website. Feel free to add your own! 🙂

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