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Dear Customers: Excelerate FRENCH is BRAND NEW. We are anxious to receive your feedback and reviews! 🙂 In the meantime, please check out the reviews for the Spanish version:

Reviewers are raving about Excelerate SPANISH!  Here are just a few things they have to say.

Intoxicated on Life writer Amanda Espinoza declares:  “Excelerate SPANISH is the only way to go.”

Marcy Crabtree of Ben and Me writes:  “Ben and I both feel confident that he has acquired more whole language skill using this program than in any other we have tried.”

Michelle Cannon of The Holistic Homeschooler features Excelerate SPANISH as one of her TOP PICKS FOR 2013:

“This is first foreign language program that has actually worked for us. With this curriculum, the children learn from a Spanish teacher in a “classroom” setting. They have the freedom to do the activities in any order they choose and there is increased retention of the language.”

In a more comprehensive review, Michelle says this:

Excelerate Spanish Increases Learning, Retention and Fun

When I first put the DVD in and began watching the online classroom, I was wondering how on earth my child was going to learn this. It seemed fast paced, the teacher adding on words almost continually. I was pleasantly surprised when, after only a few sentences, my daughter was actually responding to the the teacher’s instructions which were given in Spanish.

She understood what was being said right away!

Not only did she pick up on the words quickly, but she’s retaining them. Because the dialogues are realistic situations, we can actually practice Spanish in our everyday world.

Being able to speak Spanish in the real world is the goal, right? I give this course an A+ on that count.

Lorelai loves that we get to act out scenes, do hands-on activities and fun worksheets. The lessons are lively, interspersed with stories, dramas and the teacher’s own wit.

I can’t even put into words how excited I am about this program. I’m going to recommend it to our homeschool co-op. This is just the best thing since.. homeschool!”

Michele Pleasants, homeschool blogger and Schoolhouse Review Crew team member, tells her readers that the language is taught “in a way that kids will learn and REMEMBER.”  She goes on to say:

“From my personal experience, anyone can learn vocabulary.  Understanding a native speaker – now that takes time and practice.  The more you get used to hearing the language, the faster you pick it up.  It is like you stop trying to translate every word and start understanding phrases and concepts.  I saw that happening more and more with each new lesson we did.  In my opinion, that is just not something you are going to get from just a book.  In five weeks, my boys already know more phrases than they have learned in the past year.”

Michele concludes:

I highly recommend Excelerate SPANISH if you have a child elementary age and up learning Spanish.  For the price, $139.00 for the complete package, it is a steal; not only in the hours of instruction it provides, but the level of learning as well.  Four videos with 6 lessons each are included, as well as the workbook, answer key and lesson book.”

Amy Blevins of Homeschool Encouragement calls the curriculum “magnifico.”  Her bottom line:

“I love the unique approach of these video lessons which get my students up and moving and learning SPANISH with all forms of learning and engages all parts of the brain.  I think you will too!”

Heather of PEAH says, “I think the program is great for all ages and highly recommend it for  a home school setting.”

Penny Raine’s blog explains:

“When we experience something  it helps us to remember. That is how Excelerate Spanish works. It gets you involved. And there is also a facebook page to keep you inspired!

How in the world can a Spanish curriculum help you experience a lesson? Well, back to those Sunday school songs, there are hand motions, remember? Excelerate Spanish works the same way. Just put in that first DVD. Not only that but after a lesson or two you will think Caryn Hommel is a trusted friend and you feel like you know her! And it is fun!! There are motions you do and words you repeat, and skits and stories, and before you know it you are actually speaking and understanding Spanish within the first few minutes! It is wonderful, and since she dives right in and then goes back to add foundation it isn’t intimidating.”

And from Melanie Young of Raising Real Men:

I really think this is the best language program we’ve used for retention. The children have remembered what they’ve learned even when we’ve skipped doing it for weeks as we did over Christmas break. I highly recommend it – as I’ve already told the author (you’ll see my endorsement on the site)! This is a goody, especially for boys!”

We look forward to publishing additional reviews as they become available.  If you see anything, please let us know!