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What is Total Physical Response and how can it help you with foreign language acquisition?

Total Physical Response offers tremendous advantages to language learners.  TPR is known to:

  1. Motivate students
  2. Improve retention
  3. Reduce anxiety and stress
  4. Help academically weaker students
  5. Teach students to determine meaning from context
  6. Increase student confidence
  7. Offer a refreshingly different style of teaching/learning
  8. Provide more effective, comprehensible input
  9. Encourage active listening
  10. Access and capitalize on the strengths of the right brain
  11. Offer easy ways to review
  12. Keep the class in the target language
  13. Promote goodwill between student and teacher
  14. Incorporate humor
  15. Increase interest and enjoyment

That is quite a list of benefits, isn’t it?  What great news for language learners of all ages!  And it’s important food for thought for parents and teachers as we select our curricula.  After all, couldn’t we all use ways to work smarter, not harder?

Excelerate FRENCH incorporates TPR into every. single. lesson.  ALL students can enjoy this fabulous “brain-switching” approach and the feeling of success it provides!  Nothing breeds success like success, after all.


Excelerate FRENCH then takes TPR a step further and adds the power of storytelling, activating the limbic system or “emotional memory.” The humorous skits and stories– accompanied by the “muscle memory” that TPR provides– make magical connections happen in the brain!

Whether your student is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner–or has special needs or is gifted or is average–Excelerate FRENCH will empower, motivate, and optimize your success!

Parents, the best part is– ALL the work has been done for you. The Excelerate FRENCH lesson videos provide ALL the necessary instruction. You may even decide to learn the language along with your student– faster and easier than you ever thought possible!

Accelerate Language Acquisition.

Unleash Creativity.

Promote Excellence.

Discover the Power of Story.

Excelerate FRENCH